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Teaching Vocabulary

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Recommended sites






Gladys Baya


Posted by: "Gladys Baya" gladysbaya@yahoo.com.ar     

Hi, Everyone!

June was certainly an enriching month (at least for me), with lots of sites explored and even an open discussion on whether and how grammar should be taught... Special thanks to Dennis for getting us all thinking on that!  

It's now time to shift our focus... Our agenda says JULY is the month to see how we can use computers to teach VOCABULARY, and now, I'm ready to join you once again and eager to get started!

Kicking off the ball, I've thought of sharing with you a number of options I usually resort to when thinking of teaching vocabulary... Mind you, I'm not thinking of designing our own tasks to get students to practice vocabulary (just because that's not our focus this year), or of ways to present vocabulary (which I believe can be covered when we discuss "reading" and "listening")... Even so, I feel the possibilities are so varied that the best approach is to suggest a few categories, and then get ready to hear from you all so as to expand them!

So here are my favourite sites when it comes to teaching vocabulary in my classes:

Dictionaries and Lexicons:
http://www.dictionary.com - What I particularly like about it is that it provides URLs for each entry, so that I can link a word in a file emailed to a student to its meaning online (I love using this when showing "incorrect words" and suggestingalternatives in student generated texts)
http://www.collins.co.uk/Corpus/CorpusSearch.aspx - Cobuild Concordance and Collocations Sampler - my favourite site when I need to determine what collocations are acceptable! (I use this a lot when correcting advanced writing; you can also use it to design tasks to teach collocations!)

http://iteslj.org/v/ei/ - English Vocabulary Quizzes Using Images (I learned about this site from Sharon Betts) Try a couple and give wrong answers to see how these quizzes actually "teach" you new words.
http://www.manythings.org/lulu/ - English Vocabulary Games with Pictures (beginners or elementary) – 7 different games for 22 lexical sets (each clearly stating the 9 items included). If audio was integrated, this would be paradise!

http://snipr.com/1nuqq to learn about many gadgets you can add to your website, blog template or computer to learn a word a day (several languages, and audio in many cases!)

Have to go now...
Who's sharing a site next?

Big hug,

PS: several textbook sites have great activities for this too. Try http://www.oup.com/elt/global/products/adventures/wordgames/crosswords/ if you wonder what I'm talking about!

PS2: thanks for all the birthday greetings! I've been answering them privately to avoid overwhelming the group, and expect to finish replying to those emailed soon.... LOL!


Nahir Aparicio

 This is a classic page everybody has visited sometime or other.  BBC Teaching English

Larry Ferlazzo

I thought I'd point out the sections of website that have "gobs" of vocabulary sites:

For Beginners and Early Intermediate

For Intermediate and Advanced

 I hope you find them helpfu!
Renée Maufroid
Just in case you don't know this link.... it  makes a word search for you.

 SuperKids WordSearch Puzzle Creator

Make your own printable hidden word puzzles using the SuperKids Wordsearch Puzzle Creator. 
Use it for spelling or vocabulary practice - or for parties and roadtrips!
When I have finished working on a vocabulary theme I like to ask the pupils to make their own grid, they can print it and ask their friends to work on it. It's a fun way to learn and play.


Learning Vocabulary in games
Vocabulary and Activities
I majored in French as an undergrad, and since the site you
recommended has both French and English vocabulary lists, I will
definitely enjoy exploring it!
Mary Hillis

Moira Hunter
My favourite is the World Wide Words


Monica Veado

 A few suggestions...

Vocabulary page and  Vocabulary page 2 - these are part 1 and 2 of Lewis and Clark's impressive list of links to websites that deal with vocabulary.
E-Glossary - an "e-glossary" with word definitions, pictures, examples in sentences and pronunciation
Language Guide - lots of vocabulary words with pronunciation (pass the mouse over the illustration to listen) {LanguageGuide.org offers free sound integrated resources for learning languages. These resources are developed collaboratively with the help of volunteers.} [LanguageGuide.org oferece recursos gratuitos de som integrado para o aprendizado de línguas. Estes recursos são desenvolvidos com a colaboração de voluntários.]


Dennis in Phoenix

 1. OneLook Dictionary Search

See what Wikipedia has to say about OneLook.

I like OneLook because it indexes a huge number of online dictionaries, both general and specialized. In my opinion, OneLook is a very useful resource for intermediate to advanced English learners because it allows them to access the online versions of the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, 10th edition; the online Compact Oxford English Dictionary; the American Heritage Dictionary; and various online Cambridge dictionaries (including the International Dictionary of English, the Dictionary of American English, the International Dictionary of Idioms, and the International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs).

2. E. L. Easton Vocabulary Links

I like this one because of the links to information for a variety of specialized subject areas (see its Multilingual Dictionaries and
Quizzes sections) and also because of links to such vocabulary-focused topics as abbreviations, antonyms, collective nouns, dictionaries, etymology, homonyms, homophones, and more).

3. The _Internet TESL Journal's_ "Activities for ESL Students"

I like EVERYTHING on this site, but I'm particularly impressed with the enormous number of vocabulary quizzes (which are grouped into Vocabulary - Easy, Vocabulary - Easy with Pictures, Vocabulary - Medium, and Vocabulary - Difficult).

4. Google Searches

I thought the results of two easy Google searches might also be of interest. Google search: ESL vocabulary
Google search: English vocabulary

 Mary Hillis

Now, for everyone, I would like to point out another vocabulary site called The Compleat Lexical Tutor 
(has mainly English, but also some French too)


Ana Maria


I've been having a great time trying out the various suggested sites. I'd like to suggest two sites I found in Larry's list of favourites which were not mentioned by him. They're very colourful and help students learn vocabulary, not only practise it. They look  kind of childish but believe me , adults who are beginning to learn English also have a great time with these sites.

http://web.educastur.princast.es/proyectos/nea/nea_english/Presentacion/Presentacion.swf (lots of drills, sound and images )

http://acacia.cnice.mecd.es/~agip0002/auro/inicio.html (This one is amazing, click on OPEN and then on MENU)

http://www.reall-languages.com/Sightwordssoundspell.htm (great vocabulary games, one can even be played by two players at the same time)

Dear Ana María: the websites you recommended are really SUPER!!!!
Thanks for sharing. 
Nelba Quintana


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