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Questions and Answers

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 Questions and Answers about Pageflakes


Name Question Name Answer
Jane Petring  I've been wrestling with Pageflakes to try to figure out how to add "static" websites that don't have RSS feeds (such as my college's  website) Is this possible? If not, is it possible with one of the other Personal Start pages? Cristina Costa  I was working on Netvibes and this is possible through one of the widgets called "link" - have a look at the page I prepared for my workshop tomorrow http://www.netvibes.com/webpossibilities#Art%26Design
    Birgit Ferran  There's a 'flake' on PageFlakes called 'anything flake' that allows you to add a block of html code. You could use this flake to embed an iframe to display another webpage on your personal start page. The only problem is that the blocks or flakes on PageFlakes are of a standard width and the content you want to display may be wider than the width of the block, in which case you would need to use a horizontal scrollbar on your iframe. Here's a list of the attributes you can use with iframes: http://www.w3schools.com/TAGS/tag_iframe.asp

There is also a PageFlake widget called 'Web Site Clipper', that lets you display a webpage in a block or flake - but I haven't managed to get it to show the entire page - not even with scrollbars (as you can do with a normal iframe). Once you add the flake to your page, you click on edit, write in the URL of the page and then select the part of the page you want to display. The problem is that there is a limit to the height of the text you can select, so you can only display a portion of it, and when you click on one of the links within the page - it displays the same portion of the new page (unless you choose to open it in a new window).

To the best of my knowledge there is no 'link' widget for PageFlakes like the one on Netvibes (which creates a thumbnail image of the site and a link to it). But if that is what you want, you could create a link very similar to the one in the widget using HTML within an 'anything flake'. I hope one of these solutions is appropriate for whatever it is you had in mind.
    Carla Arena ...You don't need to worry about the scrolling bar, as it is created automatically.
Also, you can change the layout of your page to make it larger by clicking on change layout. It generally has an option that will have a better display for your flakes.
    Birgit Ferran ....There's also a 'web page' flake which is similar to the 'web clipper'  only it has a navigation bar at the top, shows the entire page instead  of a clipped portion of it and has a pre-defined height (if the page is  larger a scrollbar appears). You set whichever 'home page' you want to  appear within the flake when you load it - but users can type in other  URLs and use it as a web browser. ...
Maryanne ...The only thing I prefer about Bloglines is that it produces a URL that I can share with anyone. Does anyone know if iGoogle or Pageflakes has that option? ... Mary Hillis To answer your question, Pageflakes has the option to share your pages with other people. All you have to do is click on the large purple button in the right-hand corner, then on "make pagecast." After you do that, you should see a "pagecast URL" for that specific page.
If you create multiple pages, you can choose to keep some pages private and to make others public. This is really convenient!
    Bobby I read about a site on John Chow's blog today called http://www.43marks.com - its like Pageflakes amd iGoogle but better cuz you can add you all your bookmarks and the bookmarks can be websites not just gadgets and RSS feeds although you can upload your favorite RSS feeds too. Its free and totally customizable re-arranging categories and bookmarks in anyway you want. I really do like 43marks much better

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