Online exercises creating tools

LWC review 


  • Free
  • You can embed the quizzes
  • You can insert Flickr images into your quiz easily
  • Only 3 options of question types
  • You can't provide different feedback depending on which option the student chooses.
  • Students receive the feedback at the end of the quiz - they can't use the feedback to try to get the answer right on a second try, which makes this a testing rather than a learning tool.
  • As far as I can tell it isn't possible to embed media files (audio, video, flash...).
  • Free
  • there are 7 options of question types
 Eclipse Crossword
  •  free
  • you can print the crosswords or play online
  •  you need to save files in a server to play it online
  • it seems to only work on PC
 Memory Game Maker
  •  free
  • you can include audio, images and text
  • colorful and attractive
  •  you need to save files in a server to play it online
  •  Many kinds of activities (survey with 7 different types of questions, quiz with 10 different types of questions and 16 different types of exercises
  • accpets java script and html


  •  not free (free trial account lasts for only 30 days)