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Participants' Quizzes


Write your name and the link to the quiz you created:






Sample Test
The purpose of the quiz was simply to test the possibilities of the authoring tool. Birgit, thanks for trying proprofs. You did the right thing testing all the possibilities, and, as you probably noticed, proprofs does't take html codes... the only options are images and links. Thanks fro sharing! Ronaldo


The Five Orange Pips Just trying out ProProfs and basing my quiz on The Five Orange Pips This is a very nice quiz, Mary. Thanks for sharing! Ronaldo


Past+Simple I made these exercises in ProProfs and then embedded them in my class wiki. They were made for an elementary class which had a lot of problems with past simple. The exercises are not very inspiring, but I wanted them to work on the form. What I like about ProProfs is the fact that you can embed your quizzes.

Natasa, I just took a look at your wiki and it sure looks great! I also like this option of proprofs to embed the quiz.

Thanks for sharing! Ronaldo

Ana Maria

Word Formation      This is the first time I´ve tried Proprofs and I found it very useful. I used the opportunity to make a quiz for my upper-intermediate students to work with WORD FORMATION and intend to use it with them next week.    I liked your quiz very much, Ana Maria. Let us know what your students tought of it, ok? Ronaldo                
 Stella Maris The Accident

 This is the first time I use Proprofs. IT'S REALLY EASY!!! I found a video in Natasa's wiki (thank you, I hope you don't mind), I'm teaching Simple past+Past Continuous and I thought this quiz would fit perfectly. You can visit my students' blog at http://lab-level3.blogspot.com  to see everything working.

Silly me I don't know how to link the name of the Quiz to the URL. Could anyone help me, please?

 Stella, your quiz is great! I really loiked the video and the questions are great.

I'm glad you found proprofs easy to use.


Holly USA Presidential Election  Just testing ProProfs

Good job Holly and what a great topic you have chosen! I got numbers 1 and 2 correct, but I was lazy to finish number 3, so I won't get my cetificate.





Prob. Poss.

 Here's a very simple quiz, just to see how it works. I'll try to do sth better soon!! It's published at: http://lablevel5.blogspot.com/


And here's a second one at: http://lablevelten.blogspot.com/


 I'm glad you gave it a try, Marina. It looks great and I hope your teens enjoy it.








Marina Testing 1 Just testing Script-O

I'll take a look at your quizzes soon, Marina.


Marina Testing 2 I hope they work!  



Eclipse Crossword:


Mary my corssword I made a crossword puzzle to review the basics of paragraph writing and plan to share it with my writing class this week.  I uploaded my file to box.net as suggested

Hi Mary. I'll take a look at your crossword puzzle soon!


Lore Click here to see it I've made a crossword puzzle to review vocabulary connected to sleep. I uploaded my file to Adrive.  



Memory Game Maker:


Lore Recio click here and download the game to play it I made a memory game to revise food words.  I was never able to link the page to work online without having to download it, so click here and download the game to play it :o)

Hi Mary. I'll take a look at your memory game soon!


Lore Click here to see it (you'll need to download it to play) I also made a game with Language game maker to practise the use of wh- question words.  


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