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Week 3 - June 30 - July 6



Social bookmarking is a way to make sense out of our miscellaneous world. By bookmarking, we can sort through the messiness of the digital world by saving what interests us in one spot and adding categories to our resources so that we can easily retrieve them whenever we need it. It's keeping the online treasures we find along the way for later retrieval and use. The social part gets in when we have a group of people sharing to their network what they have dug out there in cyberspace. The hyperlinks keep moving around through many groups, information is shared, knowledge is collectively constructed.








Week 1 Forum Discussion


If you haven't had the chance to take a look at it, check it out.


Lots of food for thought!



Week 2 Messages


If you missed our Week 2 discussion, read participants' comments about tagging and folksonomies.








Task 1 - Using Diigo Sidebar


1.1 Where is the Diigo Sidebar? On the first button of your Diigo tool bar





1.2. Access our Week 2 discussion thread

On the Diigo sidebar, go to "This URL"




1.3. Go to the "Friends" tab





Task 2 - Understanding and Using Webslides










Task 3 - Twitter This


When you're bookmarking a page, there's an option to share it with your Twitter buddies.






If you want to share with the group something that has been previously bookmarked, just go to your Diigo toolbar on your browser and click on the icon DiigoWebslides for the Twitter option.






Task 4 - Forum Discussion



Access our LearningWithComputers group Forum and add your educator perspective.




Did you know that you can insert in any webpage a Tag Cloud or a LinkRoll of your group?