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Week 2 - June 23 - 29



Social bookmarking is a way to make sense out of our miscellaneous world. By bookmarking, we can sort through the messiness of the digital world by saving what interests us in one spot and adding categories to our resources so that we can easily retrieve them whenever we need it. It's keeping the online treasures we find along the way for later retrieval and use. The social part gets in when we have a group of people sharing to their network what they have dug out there in cyberspace. The hyperlinks keep moving around through many groups, information is shared, knowledge is collectively constructed.


So, join us to dig Diigo and learn.



Week 1 Forum Discussion


If you haven't had the chance to take a look at it, check it out.

Lots of food for thought!





Task 1 - Edit your Profile


Our profile tells much about who we are. In a social network, like Diigo, we start to establish relationships of trust.
When somebody requests to be part of our network, we click on his/her profile to see what we have in common, what online spaces the person goes to, the person's avatar.

Ask yourself:

How much do I want to share with others?
How do I want to be seen by others?
What information about my online identity is important sharing on my Diigo profile?
Which virtual spaces that I'm part of do I want to share with Diigo users?

Here's an example of a profile that has been fully edited: Cristina Costa's.



Task 2 - Edit your Account Settings


On your dashboard, click on "my account".

Edit your settings according to your preferences.



Task 3 - Add members of the LearningwithComputers group to your own network


These are the members of our LearningwithComputers Diigo Group.

Click on their photos/avatars, and "request friendship" to some of them.




Task 4 - Create a list of contacts with "LearningwithComputers" members


On Diigo's toolbar, click on "friends".

Then, click on "create a contact list" (blue box on the right side of your screen).

Ready to make a "learningwithcomputers" contact list!
Note: Why making a contact list?
When you bookmark an interesting resource, you can easily share it with a group of people on the go.
You can create as many contact lists as you wish.


Task 5 - Annotate it, Tag it and Bookmark it



Find an interesting resource to share with the LearningwithComputers group.

Highlight what you found interesting there, and add a sticky note to it.

Check this tutorial http://www.diigo.com/help/flash_tutorial/2
(note: there might be some variation in how you annotate and the tutorial due to updates in Diigo,
but the idea is still the same. Highlight what you want to save and right-click to see the options)

Bookmark it and share it with the "Learningwithcomputers" Diigo group.


Remember to add tags that will be useful for you for private use, as well as for the public good. Add as many tags as you can think of. For this task, also use the tag "learningwithcomputers" so that we can aggregate our bookmarks.



Task 6 - Communicate via the Messages feature


Carla Arena will start a conversation with the group to show how it works and answer Berta's question last week.

She said, "I already see it has a forum option but I wonder if this is just for group accounts or for individuals as well."

The messages can be propagated to a group and the conversation keep on going in one place. Members can invite others to join the conversation, too.

 Our conversation about tagging is taking place here.




Tip of the week


If you have an account in any of the services below, you can import all your bookmarks to Diigo,

as well as automatically export everything you're bookmarking in Diigo.


On your dashboard, click on "My Diigo Tools".
Check "import bookmarks" and "export bookmarks".

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