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Online Exercises

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Online Exercises


Welcome to the online exercises month at LWC. We will explore different tools to create online exercises every week, so here you will find the links to the tools and some explanation about how to get started.


Our suggestion is that you open the link to the tool and do things and you read the instructions. Remember that any additional question you may have will be very welcomely answered in our Y-group.


After you create your quiz, share it with us using the Participats' Online Quizzes page , and then don't forget to also visit the Tools advantages and disavantages page to help us build a thorough review of the tools we will explore.









Here are the instruction to use proprofs: 


- Click on "Quiz School"


- Register and Login


- Click on "Create a quiz"


- Click on "Create Scored quiz"


- fill in the title, description, tags (optional) and write the questions and answers

- To add more questions, click on the type of question you want to add. Proprofs offers only 3 types: multiple choice, fill in the blank and essay type. The two first ones can be computer-corrected, but essay types need to be accessed and corrected by the teacher.


- Choose the score, messages, colors and accessibility options and click on “create quiz”


- Click on “launch quiz”. The url that appears on your browser can be copied and sent to people or used to link your quiz somewhere else. Proprofs also gives the option of embedding the quizzes, so you can copy the html code and then embed you quiz to your blog, wiki, and any other webpage

-To take the quiz, take on “take this quiz”





Here are the instructions to use Script-O:


- Register and Login


- On the tab “quizzes”, click on the button GO next to “create a new quiz”


- Write title, description, choose the options, choose the kind of question and click “continue”


- Write the question, answer, explanation, and click “next”. It goes, by default, to a next question of the same type, but you can change the type by clicking the drop-down box on the top “question type”. To test this tool, I suggest you create one question for each type, so that you learn and understand how each type works.


- When you’re done, you can preview it, make further changes, and when you’re satisfied, click on “save”


* Here is the secret of Script-O: for you to have a url available to everybody, you have to create a class page and add the quiz to this class page, because if you copy the url from the “view option”, only you will have access to the quiz if logged in.


- Click on the tab “classes”, and then on the button GO next to “create a new class page”


- Type the title, description, and change the colors (if you’d like) and click on “quizzes [attach/remove]” in order to attach a quiz to that page. A list of your quizzes will appear. You click on the one(s) you want to add and click “submit”. Finally click on “save”


- Script-O will generate a url for that page, and that’s the url that you can advertise, send to people, tell students, link in your own exercises page, etc. 





Eclipse Crossword





These are 2 examples of puzzles made with Eclipse:

Puzzle about blogging jargon:


Puzzle about opposites:



In order to read the hints, click on one of the many squares in the puzzle.


Here are the instructions to use Eclipse Crossword:


  • Access Eclipse Crossword and click on the "download tab".
  • Follow the website instructions to download and execute the program.
  • When you finish downloading and installing the program, look for it in your program's list from your computer start button
  • Start the program and select "I would like to start a new puzzle" - click "on next"
  • Then you will be asked if you want to start a word list from scratch or if you already have a word list save in your computer. Usually, we will start a new list from scratch. - click on "next"
  • Add your words by typing the word into the first box and a clue for this word in the second box.
  • Click on "add word to the list" every time you type a new word and clue.
  • When you finish typing your word list and clues, click on "next"
  • You will be asked if you want to save this word list for future use.
  • Then type a title and your name and click on "next"
  • Decide how wide and tall you want your puzzle to be and click on "next"
  • Then you will see an option to save your puzzle and your word list. Please save your puzzle.


Now that the puzzle is complete, you have to decide what to do with it. You can print it or publish it online. The idea here is to work with a puzzle online that can be solved right in the web browser, so the best option is "Save as a webpage" and select the option "interactive with java script". Give it a title and it will be saved in your computer as an html file. 


In order to publish it online, you need to save this html file in a server. You can use your school server, your own server (if you have one), or a free online erver to host this file. Once you save your file in a server, it will generate an access link to the activity.


These are some links to free online servers where you can save your file:









Memory Game Maker


Memory game maker icon


Memory Game Maker is a program used to create exercises with pairs of words or sentences in text, images or sound.


Here are some examples of games created with this program:


Numbers: http://www.thomas.org.br/activities/Numbers/Numbers.html


School Objects: http://www.thomas.org.br/activities/school_objects/school_objects.html


Questions (audio):




Acess the following tutorial to install and use the Memory Game Maker


http://web2tools-mai08.pbwiki.com/Memory_game (this tutorial was kindly created by Teresa Almeida d'Eça)


Attention: Just as Eclipse Crossword, you need to save all memory game maker files in an internet server if you wan to play it online.









  • Click on “Quia Web” and sign up for a free trial (the free trial account gives you free access for 30 days, then all activities are lost if you don’t pay for an account)


  • Quia has three basic kinds of tasks you can create:


    • SURVEYS - with 7 different kinds of questions (multiple select, yes-no, pop-up, ranking, rating scale, rating grid, free response)


    • QUIZZES - with  10 different kinds of questions (multiple-choice, true-false, pop-up, multiple correct, fill-in, initial answer, short answer, essay, matching, prdering)


    • ACTIVITIES – there are 16 different types of activities (matching, flashcard, concentration, word search, battleship, challenge board, cloze, columns, hangman, jumbled words, ordered list, patterns, picture perfect, pop-ups, rags to riches, scavenger hunt)


  • After you set up your account, you can choose from the menu on the left which of the three categories above you would like to create. To create a survey, click on the “create a new survey” button. Likewise, to create a new quiz, click on the “create a new quiz” button. And to create a new activity, select the kind of activity you want to create, and click “go”.


  • You can also create folders and subfolders for each category in order to organize your links


  • The steps to create each activity are very intuitive and quia explains them very carefully. For you to see sample activities, you can click on the “sample activities” link next to the buttons mentioned above, but here are some sample activities that Ronaldo, Erika and the Educational Technology Team from Casa Thomas Jefferson have created:











matching, flashcard, concentration, word search (you create one activity and quia produces these four automatically) 




challenge board








jumbled words 


ordered list




picture perfect




rags to riches


scavenger hunt 



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