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Participants' Self-Introductions





New to our group? Add yourself to the chart below, following this criteria:

1. Picture and name

2. Your country (home or current)

3. Languages you teach and languages you can use to communicate with others eventually

4. A bit about you (max: 100 words)

5. How you can be contacted




Cristina Costa

Portugal (currently in the UK)

Teaches: English

Speaks: English - Portuguese -


Reads: Spanish

Cristina is an EFL Teacher and an Educational Technology learner. She is always looking forward to learning more and improving her performance as an educator. The Web, and the social environment that it provides, has been a discovery for her. After a couple of years she is still delighted with its potential. The interactions and the social bonds produced online are just amazing as well as the knowledge that is thus constructed. She was a co-moderator in BaW-06. Check her blog, her Site

MSN (navysternchen@hotmail.com), Skype (navysternchen) and YM (cristinacosta_pt)

Gladys Baya


Teaches: English

Speaks: Spanish - English

Reads: French - Portuguese

I'm passionate about the potential of technology integration into teaching in general, and mad about sharing and learning in groups!

Windows and Yahoo messengers: gladysbaya

Skype: gladysbaya

Paul Beaufait

Japan (from the U.S.) I teach English as an additional language & communicate to varying degrees in French & Japanese.

I joined the LWC group in February, during a lull in its activity and a burst of enthusiasm inspired by leaders of the Blogging for Beginners Electronic Village Online workshop (TESOL EVO, Jan. 15 - Feb. 25, 2007). I teach university students and coordinate teacher development activities. I have several blogs and wikis in progress, including: pab's potpourri, a first independent go at blogging (filtering & journaling); the LTD Project Blog & Wiki for teacher development; & the Writing Studio Blog & Wiki for university courses starting in April 2007. I'm learning to use various wikis: DokuWiki, MediaWiki, PBwiki, PmWiki, & Wikispaces.


Addenda: Since taking part in the mind-boggling Blogging for Educators TESOL EVO (Jan. 14. - Feb. 24, 2008), I've started using Pageflakes and Ning social networking sites, too (2008.04.03).


  • Email: private (through Yahoo! (R) Groups);
  • AIM (hardly ever): PABeaufait
  • Google Talk/Jabber (often): pabeaufait
  • Skype (sometimes): pabeaufait; or
  • Yahoo Messenger (occasionally): pabeaufait

Nina Lyulkun


Teaches: English

Speaks: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Reads: all above mentioned

Happy to continue learning IT with the LwC07 community. Hoping to involve more EFL teachers from Ukraine to join this group during the TESOL-Ukraine Convention this late April.

Yahoo ID: nagora

Skype ID: nagora60

Google ID: nina.lyulkun

MSN: nagora@yahoo.com


Camila Sousa


Teaches: English

Speaks: Portuguese and English

Reads: French and Spanish

I am an EFL Teacher at Cultura Inglesa Uberlândia and also a master's student. I joined this group by the recommendation of Ana Maria. I am happy to be here and I want to share ideas with everyone!

My website: http://www.e-english2007.blogspot.com


MSN: camilassousa@hotmail.com

Skype: camila5sousa







Angeles Berman


Teaches Basic English to Ss in a secondary school.


Spanish and English

I'm an EFL teacher working with teenagers. I love my work and technology.

I was at BAW07 and it was a great experience for me.

I want to learn more even though I can't use computers at school because I think I have to improve my skills just in case.


YAHOO ID: angeles_berman

Skype: angelesb


Maria Isabel Teixeira

Brazil Teaches Basic English


Spanish, English, and Portuguese

I´m and EFL teacher at a public language center in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.My first experience withe BAW was in 2006 .I´m really glad to be part of this group again this year.

YAHOO ID: marabel73



Jennifer Verschoor


Teaches: English

Speaks: Spanish, Portuguese and English. Learning German at the moment

Reads: all the above mentioned

I joined LWC last year and since then never stopped learning with this great group.

Technology integration is my passion. I´ve got several blogs and wikis. This year at school I´m in charge of helping teachers integrate technology in their English classes. I also teach Business English I have created two blogs with my students: Open Esl classroom and Our English Class.

I have also created a Professional Development yahoo group to share seminars and conferences on CALL.


Yahoo: jenverschoor

skype: jenverschoor

MSN: jenverschoor


Ana Maria Menezes


I teach English at Cultura Inglesa Uberlandia and have been a member of LWC since Aug 2006.

I also speak: Portuguese and French.

I´ve been teaching English to Brazilian learners for many years now. I teach various ages and am very enthusiastic about trying out new ideas and integrating new technology into teaching. My personal blog is www.lifefeast.blogspot.com.

my e-mail:


Yahoo ID: anamariacult

MSN: anamariacult

skype: anamariacult

Twitter: anamariacult


Illya Arnet-Clark

Switzerland (currently home) and


I teach English. I also speak German and the Swiss dialect

I prepare teachers and teacher trainees for the CAE. I also have 2 small groups of young learners. I'm really enjoying learning more about technology for teaching and try to share with other teachers, gently encouraging them also to use it.


Skype ID: illyacelena

Yahoo: (to follow)


Dennis Oliver

U.S. I'm currently employed by Estrella Mountain Community College as a teacher of ESL and English but am on leave from my classes. I've been professionally involved in ELT for more than 30 years as a teacher, textbook editor, materials developer, and administrator and am particularly interested in online teaching and learning. I've taught at the high school and adult levels in private schools and public institutions in the U.S. states of Oklahoma, Texas, California, and Arizona and have been active in materials development in all those places, plus the U.S. state of Oregon (where I worked for a well-known ESL/EFL author).

Yahoo IM: doliver_phoenix


Skype: dennis-oliver


e-mail: dennis.oliver@cox.net


Nelba Quintana


I am a teacher of English and a Public Translator.


I speak a little Portuguese and understand Italian. I love languages!

I taught English for more than 15 years in different levels: from little kids to pre- universitary level.


I have always been interested in ITCs and used them as much as I could. I moderate an e-group from 2001 called: English Virtual Communityat http://ar.groups.yahoo.com/group/inglesunlp/.


Now I am devoting most of my time to learning how to use them.

I have some blogs: ;This|http://englishvirtualcommunity.blogspot.com ;

http://adults5.motime.com and http://jovenes4ma.motime.com


This group is really great! I am learning a lot.

Happy to be a participant.

Yahoo IM and Skype: nelbaq



Yahoo Messenger ID : nelbaq



e-mail: nelbaq@yahoo.com


Angeles Hernández


I teach English.

I speak Spanish, some French, and a little Portuguese.

I understand Italian and Catalonian by proximity and similarity, but I speak none of them.

I've been an English teacher for adult sudents since 1987.

I work at Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Santander. As you can see, I am also a family person. I hope to learn and share new things with you




Yahoo messenger ID


Elena Delgado Mexico I teach English at highschool level at the National University

I believe in project based learning and technolog provides all I need to create activities that attract my students. I have large groups but we manage to work things out using tools that can help them solve a lot of the problems on their own.






Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Sacramento, CA, USA I am retired but work as a consultant in educational technology. Latest project was editing a handbook for Korean teachers of English.

See my two books on educational Technology: Learning Languages through Computers (co-ed. with Sarah Rilling),and CALL Environments: Research, Practice and Critical Issues (co-ed. with Joy Egbert), both for TESOL, 2007.

I was lead designer for the Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive, and pedagogical consultant for Live Action English and Live Action Spanish -- TPR on the computer!

See you at the TESOL Convention in NYC, 2008??


email: ehansonsmi@yahoo.com

Webpage (lots of useful resources): http://www.geocities.com/ehansonsmi/

Blog on ed tech: Virtual=Real http://ehansonsmith.blogspot.com/

Video wiki archive: http://evovideo.wikispaces.com/



Natasa Bozic Grojic


I teach: English

I speak: Serbian and English

I read: Spanish and German

I have been teaching English for 17 years. I work in a language school. I teach adults and teenagers. I was at BaW08 and Blogging for Educators 08 and it was a life-changing experience. I am looking forward to learning here.

I started several projects during BaW:

Personal blog:


Class Blog: 










 Yahoo ID: natasabozicgrojic

Skype ID: grojici.banjica

Google ID: lunas994

E-mail: lunas994@gmail.com


(photo coming soon ;) )


 I teach English. I speak Spanish (mother tongue) and French.

I can understand Portuguese and Gallego.

 I've been teaching English for 20 years at all levels:kids, teens, adults. I teach ESP at University, and Language sciences at Teacher training colleges.

I've become a fan of tecnologies (I'm also a Licenciada in Tecnology of Educational Communication).

I'll be forever grateful to all these teachers, my colleagues, who share their expertise with us .

I've just opened a blog, that you can visit at


My students don't know about it yet, it's a surprise for next class!



I still have to investigate more with tecnologies, thereforee I don't have skype or anything similar :((


M.Lorena Recio

(Bs As at the moment)

 I teach English and I speak English and Spanish (my mother tongue)  I love teaching and including technologies in the classroom so that students feel more motivated!

Yahoo and Hotmail MSN: lorena_recio

Skype: lorena.recio


Derya Erice


Instructor at an English Language Teaching department

speaks: Turkish, English, German

An advanced PhD learner, about to finish the dissertation on effectiveness of e-portfolio, instructor of the CALL course offered in our department: for more about me check:


yahoo: d_erice

msn: derice

skype: derice

twitter& delicious: derice                                                                                         








José Antônio



Teaching English at a Binational Language Center My name is José Antônio da Silva.  I have been teaching for quite some time. I love teaching and being with my students is a great pleasure. I guess I was born to teach. I am not a perfect teacher, though. This is the reason why I love learning. Teaching and learning are my great passions. I have others, but they are too many to enumerate here. I am passionate about life and the discoveries we make while living. One of my passions is e-learning, online learning, etc. I love using blogs and taking part in online events, such as chats, forums, blogs, conferences. My blogs my webpage

Yahoo: joseaokc

Hotmail: teacherze

Skype: joseantoniook

Google talk: joseantoniook

Twitter and Delicious: joseantoniook


Comments (1)

Dorothee Rölli said

at 4:24 pm on Mar 6, 2010

Dorothee Rölli
Bonn, Germany
Teacher of English and German
I'm a secondary school teacher of English and German literature and language. I taught both subjects for a number of years at a grammar school in Bonn, but I've changed to Business English now which I teach at the University of Applied Sciences in Remagen - on a part time basis. That's when computer assisted language learning came more into foucs. I've recently done a very interesting online workshop on digital images with electronic village. And I hope to be learning a lot more.
I can be contacted via my email.

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