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Creative uses of Pageflakes

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Week Three: Creative Uses of Pageflakes/Personal Start Pages




Welcome to Week Three of Pageflakes and personal start pages at LwC! 


This is our final week on this topic.  During this final week on the topic, let's take a look at how Pageflakes can be used for a class start page or for creating an online professional portfolio.  I am thrilled that we will be joined by special guest, Serpil Sonmez, who is using Pageflakes in a very interesting way!  She posted a message about it to the Webheads list, and then she agreed to share this with LwC!  She will send a message to us soon about what she's been doing.  Here are some examples and tasks to guide us through the next week!  Thanks to everyone who has participated this month.


Mary and Nina

Our special guests Nik Peachey, Carla Arena, and Serpil Sonmez



Using Pageflakes for a class start page


Investigate these examples of how to use Pageflakes for a class start page:




Our special guest for this week is Serpil Sonmez

Check out her creative use of Pageflakes here http://www.pageflakes.com/serpilsonmez1/24610134

and interact with her via our Yahoo Group!


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Using Pageflakes for an online professional portfolio


Consider creating an online portfolio page with RSS feeds from your bookmarks (tag: presentations, etc.) as suggested by Michelle Martin here  or by compiling your projects in Pageflakes.  See the following examples: Gladys, Vance's, Carla,Mary and LWC  

Questions to discuss at our Yahoo Group:

  • Do you think a class start page would be useful for you in your teaching context?  Why or why not?
  • What flakes are most useful for language learners?
  • How can we avoid overwhelming students with too much information?
  • Any other comments, questions, or ideas to share? 

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